in the Raw

In Features By Diane Bair and Pamela Wright / June 2016

Seafood at its purest on the Seacoast


In Features By Kristyn Lak Miller / May 2016

Cultivating Crops and Community That iconic road sign image of a silhouetted farmer sitting atop a tractor needs updating. Today’s farmer most likely has a smart phone in one hand, a cup of coffee in the other, and is juggling multiple tasks: managing payroll, taking pictures for a blog, organizing events, not to mention tending the crops and livestock.

Cooking With Class: Dig In Feature

In Features By Amy Bevan / March 2016

These days, area eateries are focusing their menus on local, farm-fresh, all-natural ingredients. Farm-to-table restaurants are becoming a staple in our Seacoast community. But what happens when we are home, rushing from work to an evening meeting or packing our kids’ school lunches? Are we making the best choices for our health, or taking shortcuts for the sake of convenience? Do we really know what goes into the food we buy and prepare in our homes every day?

The Joy of Java

In Features By Diane Blair and Pamela Wright / February 2016

On the trail for the perfect cup We love our coffee. According to a recent survey conducted by the National Coffee Association, about 83 percent of adults drink coffee in the U.S., the world’s biggest consumer of the beverage. That’s an average of three cups a day per person, some 587 million cups consumed daily from coast to coast. But it’s more than just a shot of caffeine that we crave. Going out for coffee has become an affordable indulgence and a well-earned ritual that provides comfort and camaraderie. No wonder there's been an influx of coffeehouses on the Seacoast.

New England Roots Feature

In Features By Christine Burns Rudalevige / January 2016

Seacoast chefs dish on the culinary delights of cold weather tubers. Seasonal devotion to root vegetables by home cooks, chefs, and diners along the Seacoast is grounded in equal parts science, nostalgia, and creativity.

It's All About The Bread Feature

In Features By Diane Bair and Pamela Wright / August 2015

Ultimately, the best sandwiches start with great bread. Several restaurants on the Seacoast tackle this step by baking their own.

What Fishermen Eat (and why) Feature

In Features By Christine Burns Rudalevige & Mollie Sanders / June 2015

Some of the best fish rarely make it to our tables – but they should. Seacoast fisherman Erik Anderson has been harvesting seafood from Gulf of Maine waters for over 40 years. His considerable tenure at sea—most recently focusing on pulling lobsters aboard his vessel, the Kris ’n’ Kev, which he lands in Portsmouth Harbor—has certainly not spoiled his taste for all kinds of fish. In fact, the opposite is true.