Morning Glory Inn

Taste(ful) Stays by Kristyn Lak Miller / May, 2018

Tucked away in the woods, all wrapped up in rather voracious gardens, Morning Glory Inn is a fantastic reminder that an authentic seacoast experience is about more than just the sea—although, it should be noted, the inn is quite close to York Harbor Beach and the famed Wiggly Bridge as well as nature preserves, hiking trails, and golf courses.

The original part of the inn was built in the 1770s on New Hampshire’s Isles of Shoals before it was moved to its current location; about 200 years later, the rest was added. Today, it’s a welcoming home away from home with just four unique and private bedrooms (most with their own outdoor space) along with lovely public areas, including a spacious dining room with a large table, wood-burning stove, and windows overlooking the gardens. For guests celebrating a special event like a birthday or anniversary, breakfast can be served on a tray in their room or outside.

Whether a private affair or enjoyed with other guests, “our breakfast experience is relaxed, genial, with great appreciation for the food,” says Executive Chef Margie Mintz Mindell, who owns and runs the inn with her husband, Doug. Muffins and coffee cake are served first, followed by homemade granola, fresh fruit, and yogurt, and then a breakfast entree. “We serve everything that we can when it’s in season,” says Mintz Mindell. “Maine blueberries and strawberries as well as fresh basil and tomatoes that we grow, and potato corn fritters when the corn is at its peak from local farms.”

A seasonal inn open from May through October, planning a stay here is the kind of magical Maine mirage that gets you through a long, cold winter.

Morning Glory Inn
120 Seabury Road
York, Maine

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