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On Tap: Taking Flight

A tasty drink that’s perfect for seasonal cheer on a winter day.

Adapted from Joy Flanagan, Brand Ambassador at MS Walker Owned & Imported Brands

Makes 1 serving

1 ½ oz Grainger’s Deluxe Organic Vodka
¾ oz St Elder Pamplemousse Pink Grapefruit Liqueur
1 oz Pomegranate Juice
½ oz Lime Juice
dash Angostura Bitters

Build over ice in a glass and top with 2 oz Ginger Ale

If you want to make for a crowd: use the same ounce measurements as cup measurements (i.e. 1 ½ oz would change to 1 ½ cups) and up the bitters to 5 dashes and stir to combine in a pitcher.