Best of TASTE 2015 - Inexpensive Eats

Best of Taste by By Stephanie Deihl, Alana Jeralds, Kristyn Lak Miller, & Jessica Sacco / November, 2015


The Golden Egg
For another year, The Golden Egg has wowed its guests with their delicious breakfast options at a great price. The majority of the menu items are under $10, and with every side order less than $4, there’s room to try a little of everything, and then some. 960 Sagamore Avenue, Portsmouth, N.H., 603-436-0519,
Colby’s Breakfast & Lunch Joint, Portsmouth, N.H., 603-436-3033
Betty’s Kitchen, North Hampton, N.H.,
Café Espresso, Portsmouth, N.H., cafe—

The 401 Tavern
The 401 Tavern offers an assortment of reasonably priced dishes. “I think a lot of people come in because our lunches are fast, inexpensive, and you get quality food, which is very important,” says Manager Paula Stanca. Favorites include the Triple Play, a lobster roll, cup of chowder, and salad, or the Petite Haddock, a fresh, native filet served with the same sides. 401 Lafayette Road, Hampton, N.H., 603-926-8800,
Lexie’s Joint, multiple locations,
Beach Pea Baking Co., Kittery, Maine,
The Kitchen, Portsmouth, N.H.,

Maintaining their title for the second year, STREET co-owners Josh Lanahan and Michelle Lozuaway provide an array of dinner options at affordable prices. “I think we have some delicious, different things that aren’t available anywhere else,” says Lanahan. Guests can sample dishes from all around the world, like the popular, Cemita (veggie burger or fried chicken on a bun), or the Korean Bibimbap, a rice bowl meal. 801 Islington Street, Portsmouth, N.H., 603-436-0860,
The Maine Diner, Wells, Maine,
Lexie’s Joint, multiple locations,
Gilley’s PM Lunch, Portsmouth, N.H.,