Enhanced Maple

Food Finds by Lisë Stern / January, 2020

In New England, we are accustomed to excellent pure maple syrup. Which is great as is. But then, there are enhancements that can make it that much better.

Runamok Maple won a best new product sofi award for their Ginger Root Infused Maple Syrup. Co-owners Eric and Laura Sorkin each have master’s degrees in Environmental Management; Eric also has a law degree and Laura a culinary degree. Together they have created an impressive collection of infused and flavored syrups, beautifully packaged in distinctive glass bottles. Makrut Lime Leaf has a subtle citrus tang that goes nicely in cocktails. Smoked Chili Pepper enhances salad dressings and is great drizzled over roasted sweet potatoes, as is the Smoked with Pecan Wood. As a tea lover, I’m partial to the floral notes of the Jasmine Tea Infused.

Three Barrel-Aged syrups include Whiskey, Bourbon, and Rum. The differences are subtle yet distinctive, adding a smokiness and a hint of the individual sprits. A little goes a long way, as maple has its own intense sweetness. Any of the flavors are great drizzled over yogurt or ice cream. Try the infusions in hot or iced tea, or even just added to a glass of seltzer water. And your morning oatmeal will never be the same.

Runamok Maple
293 Fletcher Road
Fairfax, Vt.