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Hidden Pond

In Taste(ful) Stays By Lisë Stern / September 2012

A stay at Hidden Pond is a true vacation getaway. The 36 “rooms” are actually “these beautiful individual cottages, amid a 65-acre garden,” notes General Manager Justin Grimes. “You have the contrast between secluded wood enclaves and the coastal beach right at your fingertips.”

Incider Report

In Food Finds By Lisë Stern / September 2012

Apple orchards are a New England specialty, and apple season is most definitely here – it arrived a few weeks early this year, according to farmers I’ve chatted with at weekly markets, due to our unusually hot summer.

The Colony Hotel

In Taste(ful) Stays By Lisë Stern / August 2012

The Colony Hotel is a rarity – it’s not part of a chain. The 125-room property has been in the Boughton and Banta families since 1948. The establishment includes three buildings, plus two vacation rental style houses. According to General Manager John Martin, there are nine different room types, because the sprawling red-roofed main building, which dates to 1913 or 1914 (it’s debated), was constructed during an area when guests would bring servants with them, who would have smaller rooms.

Salt of the Earth

In Food Finds By Lisë Stern / July 2012

If you think salt is exclusively white, descend the steps of the Portsmouth Salt Cellar (yes, it is below street level), and you’ll be greeted by the glowing lights of lamps carved from blocks of pinkish orange Himalayan salt.

Oceanic Hotel on Star Island

In Taste(ful) Stays By Lisë Stern / July 2012

The Oceanic Hotel on Star Island is comprised of a sprawl of nineteenth-century wooden buildings that enable that enable as many as 280 guests to spend the night among the Isles of Shoals from mid-June through mid-September.

blue, The Inn on the Beach

In Taste(ful) Stays By Lisë Stern / June 2012

Seven years ago a 1950s Plum Island inn was transformed into blue (lowercase “b”), The Inn on the Beach. General Manager David Geiger describes it as “a South Beach style boutique hotel with New England undertones.” Like its Floridian counterpart, Plum Island is a barrier island. Much of it is a nature reserve, known for its birds. Blue is open year-round, and is the only hotel on Plum Island.

Governor’s Inn

In Taste(ful) Stays By Lisë Stern / May 2012

Twenty years ago, in 1992, brothers Herman and Anthony Ejarque decided to temporarily change careers and open a bed and breakfast in Rochester. The early 1900s building had once been the home of New Hampshire Governor Huntley Spaulding. “When we started, we didn’t think we’d be here so long,” says Herman. “We thought it would be a fun project to get it going, then we’d turn it over to some couple who’d run it.”