Burger Meisters Feature

In Features By Diane Bair and Pamela Wright / August 2014

Technically, burgers are a sandwich by definition of a filling on bread—a patty on a split bun. But they are their own category, with so many variations. Seacoast chefs are putting their unique twists on the all-American hamburger, creating flavorful patties to flip over.

Cooking With Class: Dig In Feature

In Features By Amy Bevan / March 2016

These days, area eateries are focusing their menus on local, farm-fresh, all-natural ingredients. Farm-to-table restaurants are becoming a staple in our Seacoast community. But what happens when we are home, rushing from work to an evening meeting or packing our kids’ school lunches? Are we making the best choices for our health, or taking shortcuts for the sake of convenience? Do we really know what goes into the food we buy and prepare in our homes every day?

Dinner, Dessert, & Dreams Feature

In Features By Kristyn Lak Miller / February 2015

Postcards from the Seacoast’s Exceptional Hotel Restaurants The best hotels are welcoming retreats where you escape and recharge—the same is true of the best restaurants. In combining the two, hotel restaurants up the ante, inviting you to stay the night after you stay for dinner (reaching for your room key instead of your car key is a dreamy way to end a meal). Don’t let the tourists have all the fun—treat your backyard like the vacation destination it is, and combine an unforgettable dinner with an equally unforgettable overnight stay. Here, we share a few hotel restaurants with truly noteworthy guest rooms and dining rooms. Definitely worth the trip!

in the Raw

In Features By Diane Bair and Pamela Wright / June 2016

Seafood at its purest on the Seacoast

It's All About The Bread Feature

In Features By Diane Bair and Pamela Wright / August 2015

Ultimately, the best sandwiches start with great bread. Several restaurants on the Seacoast tackle this step by baking their own.

Juice it Up

In Features By Kristyn Lak Miller / August 2016

Ever growing in popularity, juicing—that is, extracting juice from fruits and veggies—is an easy and delicious way to consume healthy amounts of fresh produce.

Meat of the Matter

In Features By Christine BurnsRudalevige / April 2017

The culinary wizards behind the curtains (as well as those cooking in open kitchens) in coastal restaurants from Newburyport to Portsmouth to Kennebunkport are working their magic with all kinds of meats. Offerings appeal to both conservative and adventurous carnivores alike. The ocean certainly has the glorious seafood bounty our region is known for, but area chefs pay homage to land-based animals with dishes that secure their restaurants a mandatory stop along the meat eater’s must-try list.